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You’ve probably tried to break your dependence on pornography several times–without lasting success. Perhaps you feel bothered by all the time and money your fascination with pornography is costing you. And, you feel shame and become depressed because you can’t seem to get away from it for more than a couple of days.

You are not alone. In general, porn addiction is characterized by
(1) a sense of powerlessness to control your behavior and,
(2) knowledge that your continued involvement in pornography has negative consequences.

You may be experiencing negative consequences within your family relationships, in other social relationships or in your work environment. You may be neglecting a number of responsibilities to participate in your “habit.” You probably feel the pressure you are under to act “normal” again. And you want to quit, but you can’t.

You may have tried to break away from your addiction several times in the past, but found the pull too powerful. You remain hooked.

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Your Method of Porn Addiction

Your pornography may come in the form of magazines, videos, photos, or even audios. Maybe you’ve even bought sex toys. Pornography is available in strip clubs, bookstores, on the Internet (some estimate that 4 to 12% of all sites involve pornography), even on your smartphone. You probably spend so much time alone with this material that it cuts into time you should be spending sleeping, working, in family activities, exercising, or accomplishing other useful activities.
Porn Addiction Affecting You and Your Family?
You may be spending too much money on all this. You may be buying and hoarding magazines or videos. You may be paying access fees to Internet sites. You are not alone; over 40 million Americans are regular visitors to these kinds of sites, and 4 million people admit to being addicted to porn. Or you may be spending lots of money attending strip clubs. All this money that should be going to help you and your family is being flushed down the sinkhole of porn. You know this is hurting you and your relationships.

You are probably feeling ashamed that you cannot simply quit your porn dependence. And, if someone you love asks you to stop, you become angry because you know you can’t stop it. And you try to hide your secret addiction from others and so lead a double life.

How to Break Porn Addiction for Good

Your brain goes into overdrive when you view pornography. Chemicals like adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin are released in your brain and cause you to experience intense pleasure, just short of a hit of cocaine. Your brain associates your use of porn with these intense feelings. This means that your addiction is not just a habit, it’s a real, physical dependence.

To combat the effects of these chemicals on your brain, you need to develop new connections that reprogram your brain. This reprogramming will, in about a month, reconfigure your brain so you won’t need porn. But, you will need to work on your brain patterns every day.

To finally be free of your porn addiction you are going to need help. You probably have tried to overcome pornography dependence several times already. And, you are still hooked. So, isn’t it time you realized that your addiction is more than you can handle alone? You need help.

There are a number of specialists with treatments online that can provide you the help you need. You can remain anonymous while still getting the help you need. If you want, you can join a local group that is trying to kick the porn addiction. But, most people can be successful from an online treatment program.

Our site, has a number helpful articles as well as resources you can use you battle your porn addiction and gain the victory you are looking for.

Isn’t it time for you to break porn addiction for good?

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